[Bug 183796] Re: iwl4965 unusable: packet loss, slow network

Kim Nguyễn Kim.Nguyen at lri.fr
Fri Aug 29 10:03:15 UTC 2008

I have been testing Intrepid for quite some time now. I have recently switched to 2.6.27-1-generic to test this particular issue, but the slow network performances are still there. However, as mentioned in the upstream bug report, using the module option qos_enable=0 solves the problem without seemingly affecting network performances in other configurations. Of cours this would have to be tested more thoroughly but I think it would be sound to add
options iwlagn qos_enable=0 
to /etc/modprobe.d/options with a comment in this file as a workaround.

Please note that the orignial bug (ping issue) has been closed but that another one monitoring the data transfer rate issue
was opened some times ago 

There hasn't been many activity for this bug report recently however,
besides the last comments on qos_enable=0.

iwl4965 unusable: packet loss, slow network
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