[Bug 242505] Re: vmware kernel modules for 2.6.22-15 missing

Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Mon Aug 25 23:46:45 UTC 2008

Erny, a better process I just bumped into is outlined here:


In essence, you install the vmware-server-kernel-source package and
build it for the new kernel, then install the resulting package. I
cannot say if this will work for all future versions of the kernel -- I
suspect not -- but it would be pretty safe to say that it will work for
2.6.22-* versions at least.

I should point out it now appears that fixing this bug should be
trivial, given that a package such as vmware-server-kernel-source exists
-- something which I didn't know until about 10 minutes ago -- and that
it does not appear to be dependent on VMware to actually do anything.

Perhaps there is a dependency in the vmware-server package that hasn't
been configured correctly to force the kernel modules to be built -- but
that is outside my area of expertise.

Of course, the kicker might be that this is known *not* to work for
other kernel versions and that this bug is serving as a place-holder to
fix that issue. (For kernels in Hardy and Intrepid.) I'll investigate

vmware kernel modules for 2.6.22-15 missing
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