[Bug 213053] Re: Totem is 'uninterruptible'

BlueWine james at blue-wine.co.uk
Sat Aug 16 19:54:22 UTC 2008

Haven't been able to get it to crash today. However, I have observed
some odd behavior:

If I play a youtube, rhythmbox won't play at the same time. When the
Youtube ends, I have to restart Rhythmbox for it to play again. Same
with VLC. However, if I leave my Rhythmbox playing, Youtube can't play
sounds. I have to close Rhythmbox, then close Firefox, and then re-open.

Now, I spend hours on end playing from my Rhythmbox library or my VLC
video (ahem) collection, whilst browsing the internet. The internet is
full of flash with music, which I usually watch soundless if at all. But
we're talking hours without closing these programs.

So, I suppose my question is, has this got to do with the way that
Adobe's Flash is interfacing with the sound card? If so, is there a
buffer that's filling and filling until it sends errors back to the
program filling it? Or not sending a confirmation, leaving the program
to keep the request open? This is pseudo-techie talk, so bear with me
here, but it would explain why Pidgin still had 6-7 sound files open
once the program was meant to be closed.

Thing is, Pidgin, Totem and Rhythmbox usually play well together. So is
Adobe-Flash what's throwing the spanner in the works? Has anyone else
affected by this got Adobe-Flash on their system?

It's another stab in the dark - I'll update when it crashes tomorrow ;)

Totem is 'uninterruptible'
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