[Bug 176326] Re: [HARDY] Wont' work with KVM switch

SEAQ - Andres Mujica andres.mujica at seaq.com.co
Thu Aug 14 01:48:48 UTC 2008

ok. so that dmesg is with the mouse directly, no through kvm?

in order to try to find the bug we need to get a dmesg using the kvm.

so try this

start your system using the kvm in order to get the crazy mouse

via ssh connect to your server remotely follow the previous procedure
try to move the mouse and keyboard in order to get some data from the
behaviour, and send that back.

at this point we really don't have enough information only some tips of
the problem, you've helped a lot so far but we would need the dmesg with
the debug enabled... (the echo commands)

Thanks again for your patience and help

[HARDY] Wont' work with KVM switch
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