[Bug 124406] Re: Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)

Mark Schreiber mark7 at alumni.cmu.edu
Thu Apr 17 02:28:27 UTC 2008

Just to make things a bit more clear, the log immediately before the key
events included in my previous log message was:

3742100 affb 4806 454d 0000 0004 0004 003a 0000
3742120 affb 4806 4557 0000 0001 003a 0001 0000
3742140 affb 4806 455a 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
3742160 affb 4806 8e76 0001 0004 0004 002d 0000
3742200 affb 4806 8e80 0001 0001 002d 0001 0000
3742220 affb 4806 8e83 0001 0000 0000 0000 0000

(i.e. I was saving a file in emacs with C-x C-s).  I tend to hit the
keystroke fairly quickly.  Some other users have suggested that their
laptop coming under load tends to aggravate this -- the file saving
event would have occurred as soon as I hit the "C-s", so there would
have been a small burst of work, though the system was largely unloaded.
This might explain why I've never seen streams of "a"s or "e"s when
hitting C-a or C-e to go to the beginning or end of a line.

laptop_mode was disabled on the laptop, and frequency scaling active,
since I've seen some mention of maybe frequency scaling being relevant.

Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)
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