[Bug 119233] Re: hard drive mount letters changed AGAIN

Mark nix4me at cfl.rr.com
Thu Sep 27 23:49:42 UTC 2007

Brian Murray wrote:
> I'm not quite sure what you are looking for as "official tools or
> documentation" but you might find
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingUUID helpful and the command
> 'vol_id' which is part of the volumeid package.
Here are my thoughts.

I find it unfortunate that when a person decides to buy a new hard 
drive, installs it into the computer and turns the machine on, nothing 

The drive is there, but there is no prompt to do anything.

Then the person thinks, hmm, maybe i need to start a program to do 
something to the drive.

Alas, there is no "default" utility in the system menus to install 
filesystem/mount it.  And, there is certainly no utility to mount it 
permanately in the fstab file.

So the person has o go read docs on what to do.  He finds a bunch of old 
stuff about hdb but that doesnt work because the kernel has changed all 
drives to sdx.  And he certainly doesnt find anything about how UUID works.

Just seems to me that there should be a standard gnome utility to take 
care of all of this.  A person shouldn't have to google for hours to 
figure out the installation of a hard drive.  And when the developers 
change hd to sd, they caused a huge issue with people who had drives 
defined "without UUID" in the fstab.  To switch 1 time is almost 
acceptable, but they switched to sd, then switched back, then switched 
back to sd.

my 2 cents.

Mark Ryan

hard drive mount letters changed AGAIN
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