[Bug 95494] Re: hdaps no longer reports accelerometer values

gagarine gagarine at cocotier.ch
Thu Sep 27 15:52:29 UTC 2007

The kernel module NOT loaded by default so:
sudo echo "hdaps" >> /etc/modules 

After that the kernel module is loaded properly:
gagarine at area42:~$ dmesg | grep hdaps
[   30.226769] hdaps: inverting axis readings.
[   30.226775] hdaps: LENOVO ThinkPad T60 detected.
[   30.226887] hdaps: initial latch check good (0x01).
[   30.881008] hdaps: device successfully initialized.
[   30.881535] input: hdaps as /class/input/input3
[   30.881599] hdaps: driver successfully loaded.
gagarine at area42:~$ 

I do 2-3 restarts before hdaps-gl work (i work but the "computer" don't
move)... I don't know why

hdaps no longer reports accelerometer values
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