[Bug 34144] Re: sis 760 AGP broken on amd64

sybille sybillel at free.fr
Mon Oct 29 22:22:45 UTC 2007

@Neil Wilson
We only took the route of deleting the module because I'm using a LiveCD and so could not blacklist and reboot with that change saved. It's just a workaround because I don't have an Ubuntu install at present (although I will install if needed).

At this point, I think there are two problems.
Problem 1: If both the amd64_agp and the sis_agp drivers are loaded, then there is a conflict that prevents the size of the agp aperture from being identified correctly (4M rather than the setting in the BIOS, which is 128M for me); dri is not enabled.
Problem 2: If only the amd64_agp driver is used, then dri works too, BUT the system also produces a steady stream of APIC errors which are written to the syslog at varying rates (more frequently for me than for awen, it seems).

Do you happen to see the APIC errors in your syslog, too?

Since the kernel instructions indicate that both amd64_agp and a chipset
specific module are needed for amd64 systems, maybe it's not too
surprising that there is some kind of adverse effect to not using
sis_agp at all. (I'm referring to the instruction that are visible from
the curses menuconfig interface, I'm actually not sure where they are
located to make a link to show what I'm talking about).

sis 760 AGP broken on amd64
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