[Bug 67175] Re: NFSv3 suplementary ACLs dont work with ub610

SEAQ - Andres Mujica andres.mujica at seaq.com.co
Mon Oct 29 02:46:09 UTC 2007

is it possible or there's a procedure for taking this to dapper.

Is not necessary a new feature, but a lack of it instead.  I mean Dapper
was our first LTS release, so is MOSTLY used in servers enviroment,  And
in a lot of that kind of enviroments there's not only one but several
servers, so with this bug, you won't have a correct way to share
filesystems between systems.

Also if you take into account that possibly several corporate desktops
(not millions but at least a few) use dapper, it would be a needed fix.

So please take this into account.  Thanks.

NFSv3 suplementary ACLs dont work with ub610
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