[Bug 21344] Re: Hang when loading ipw2100

tsaitgaist kevredon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 13:50:14 UTC 2007

It seems has not been (entirely) resolved.
It still exists with Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64
On Ubuntu 7.10 i386 the ipw2100 works perfectly (no IRQ, WAP/WPA OK, iwconfig and ifconfig OK)
On Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64 IRQ #18 is raised, this problem is cleared with "irqpoll" option in grub, but the
[xxxx.xxxx] ipw2100: eth1 : Failed to start the card
is still here (infinite loop)
I'm sure it's useless to recompile ipw2100 and ieee80211. Ubuntu has the right parameters and all the modules (even the last firmware)

Any idea ?

Hang when loading ipw2100
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