[Bug 17763] Re: Random Freezes

ThorbjørnTux tmartsum at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 12:03:37 UTC 2007

me2 (if it is teh same problem - there are a lot of reports with freezes).
Mine seems (also) to be a video problem. (And maybe only with KDE - anyone who has this problem with Gnome?) 
downgrading to nvidia 100.14.09 helped (that was also from a bug in here) - but still freezes occur. I did not have freezes when I used driver "nv".
Maybe it is a bug in the nvidia-driver (But I had an ATI X800XL before - and I think there were also freezes (among a lot of other problems))

Chipsset crossfire 3200
Nvidia 7800Gt
AMD Dual Opteron 2 GHz
2 GB Ram

Is Ubuntu the only dist with these freezes ?

Random Freezes
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