[Bug 137963] Re: [Gusty] ipw3945abg does not work with 802.11b-only WLANs

Maximilian Blömer mail at maxbloemer.de
Sun Oct 7 19:19:20 UTC 2007

Today I installed Gusty to my hard disk drive. (by the way: it's great.)
But wireless lan ipw3945 is still really slow in downloading stuff from
local area network or internet.

modinfo ipw3945 shows version 1.2.2mp.ubuntu1. it seems to be the most actual driver.
but modinfo ieee80211 returns git-1.1.13 as version (2006-Mar-31) in gusty.

maybe it would fix some bugs in gusty, when using the most actual version of ieee80211 subsystem. (1.2.18)

[Gusty] ipw3945abg does not work with 802.11b-only WLANs
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