[Bug 42160] Re: Shut Down won't power off

Usama Muneeb usama-muneeb at msn.com
Fri Nov 30 17:33:59 UTC 2007

I think the answer should be plain:

Use any of the /etc/rc.local scripts or create a new one. Add the
following three lines:

sudo gru

Here's an explanation: I use my GRUB to halt the system in its shell.
That;s what everyone said. They reboot to power their systems off. What
if we could enter the GRUB shell and do this by itself?

I haven't tried this y self so don't make me responsible for any damage
to unmounted file systems. That can cause loss of data.

Praveen: Can you please explain which BIOS you have?
Everyone: Are you dual bootng with Windows? Probably. I face the problem when dual oot with a Windows or DOS. Try installing it on a clean, small, IDE hard drive and boot from it.

Shut Down won't power off
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