[Bug 162083] Re: macbook3, 1 and apple aluminum keyboards fn key does not work

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Sat Nov 24 05:25:26 UTC 2007

sidgalt, what kind of keyboard do you have? can you please attach the
output of `lsusb` to this ticket?

The brightness keys send the correct key codes, but being detected by
HAL requires the patch in bug #163725. Having HAL do something when
these keys are detected depends on bug #162560.

Attached is an updated patch that adds IDs for several keyboards.
Included are the ANSI, ISO, and JIS variants of the macbook3,1 keyboard,
and both the wired and wireless Apple Aluminum keyboards ("2007" variant
according to apple's kext). It also adds a fix needed for ISO keyboards
as two keycodes were reversed. The code for handling this already
existed for powerbook iso keyboards.

** Attachment added: "Updated patch"

macbook3,1 and apple aluminum keyboards fn key does not work
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