[Bug 139187] Re: kubuntu refuses to suspend on lid close

Jacek_G wafelj at epf.pl
Tue Nov 20 20:29:59 UTC 2007

i have found strange thing - today, when i plug in ethernet cable and in 
the same moment turnoff wifi (using button), a might have accidentaly 
touched the lid close button, and it worked, but after staring laptop 
again it didnt have worked (i do not user hibernating, and suspending - 
just turning off when closing lid). So i think that it is working in 
certian moments, but i dont know in whick - still this is a bug, and 
mayby someone how knows kernel deeper might check kernel part of lid 
closing from feisty (when it was working) and compare it with part from 
Thank for any help guys!!

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kubuntu refuses to suspend on lid close
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