[Bug 158176] Re: [GUTSY]Computer freeze when machine boot up with 8180L wireless plugged in

Eddy tretriluxana.s at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 06:11:01 UTC 2007

Attached is the output log for the command you suggested. It also
contains my current modprobe's blacklist.

This RTL8180 has never worked out of the box with Ubuntu (Feisty). I
always had to use ndiswrapper. It appears that the native module that
comes with it doesn't like it or something. In fact I had to blacklist
it in order to get the ndiswrapper thing to work. Note that the card I
have is the ver 4.0 which is one of those problematic one.

I think the funny thing about this is that the problem happens only when
I leave the card plugged and boot up the machine. If I don't have the
card plugged, the machine boots just fine. And when the boot is complete
and I plugged in the card, everything works just fine as before.
Something seems to be going on during the machine boot up. Also note
that it happens only happen when all the X graphic things are already up
and running. It's right after I supply the password to the key ring
thing so the driver can get the passcode to connect to the network.

I don't think the bug 132657 is a duplicate of this. In that one the
card doesn't work at all. For this one, it works fine but only that boot
time that has problem.

** Attachment added: "modinfo-and-blacklist.tar"

[GUTSY]Computer freeze when machine boot up with 8180L wireless plugged in
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