[Bug 89896] Re: [herd-5] no wlan0 device after loading ndiswrapper

Andreas Gnau rondom at rondom.de
Sat May 5 08:26:05 UTC 2007

odolühi, use the latest ndiswrapper (currently this is 1.43) and
uninstall the drivers and install the latest drivers from Atheros.

golfbuf, your problem isn't related to this bug, nor is it a bug. You
have to use the correct driver. Use a 32bit-driver if you are running a
32it-Ubuntu (i386). (If you plan to use ndiswrapper under amd64, use a

Garo, your issue sounds more like a network-manager issue, network-manager sometimes interferes with ifup/down.
Instead of sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper; sudo modprobe ndiswrapper use sudo ifdown wlan0; sudo ifup wlan0 and report if this works.

[herd-5] no wlan0 device after loading ndiswrapper
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