[Bug 39315] Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses: possible solution

MartinRunge martin.runge at web.de
Wed May 2 07:40:52 UTC 2007

I have had the same problem in to two different setups and here is what
solved the problem for me:

1) Ubuntu 6.10 in VM-Ware Player
2) Ubuntu 7.04 on AMD64 X2 on Mainboard Asus M2N-E

Same behaviour on both, so I guess the hardware details are not so
important. The Problem appeared from one day to the next without any
change in the system.

I tried Rebooting, on the AMD64 as that had helped in the VM-WarePlayer, but no success. But rebooting keeps several components of the PC unter power. You can see
several LEDs still bright while Computer is switched off. So I shut down the computer and pulled the Plug for several seconds. All the LED were dark then (of cause :-). Reconnect to power and switch on and... the problem was gone.

So maybe there is an issue in the keyboard driver not initializing
enough registers at startup? If they contain a wrong value for some
resaon, you cannot get it out be reloading the driver or rebooting the

Good luck

Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses
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