[Bug 37010] Re: ipw2200 doesn't retain sleep status after sleep/hibernate/reboot

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Sun Mar 25 22:48:44 UTC 2007

Saving this state over a cold-boot is probably the responsibility of a
higher-level process (eg. Network Manager, ifupdown).

I think about the only thing that the init-scripts save over a reboot is
the ALSA (sound mixer/volume) state:


I'd prefer to keep this bug to one-issue-one-bug (and have the
satisfaction of having closed it!).

If it's still an issue, please could you open a new bug-report, though
we probably need to pass it onto a separate package.

One large advantage of always using the defaults on a cold boot is that
if the user/machine have managed to get things into a "strange state",
then a reboot will fix things "back to normal".

If we save the wireless as being off, then on every boot we will
continue to get the wireless being off.  If the user then moves their
laptop hard-drive to a new machine without a wifi-toggle key combination
(eg. Fn-F5), then it's going to be awfully hard for them to work out
what is going on, or turn the wireless back on.

Across a suspend/resume or hibernate/resume it's obvious that the we
should return things to the identical state the user left them in---if
the user had not wanted that, they would have done a shutdown.

ipw2200 doesn't retain sleep status after sleep/hibernate/reboot

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