[Bug 24828] Re: IPv6 should be disabled by default

Thomas Butter thomas at gmx.net
Sun Mar 18 01:04:48 UTC 2007

> Disable IPv6 now and work towards getting a compatibility check in
place with clear and simple procedures for the users.

IPv6 is used in many university, some company networks. New routers
(e.g. the new Apple Airport Extreme) give you an 6to4 address
automatically. Disabling would remove an often used feature.

Automatically detecting the router problem at installation is also not
possible since many computers move between networks.

I don't think that there is a solution which works without educating the
user: manually disabling IPv6 in a GUI when the problem occurs or update
the firmware of the user. While the former is easier I think the latter
is the better long-term solution.

In any case it would be good if a list of affected routers and firmware
versions exists. It would help understanding better how many people are
really affected and would be a needed to educate users.

IPv6 should be disabled by default

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