[Bug 24828] Re: IPv6 should be disabled by default

Vincenzo Ciancia vincenzo_ml at yahoo.it
Sat Mar 17 08:57:46 UTC 2007

I see a "solution" to this bug. In my opinion, if you need ipv6, your
ISP will warn you, and you will know. So, the solution could be
blacklisting ipv6 by default, and putting a checkbox in
system/administration/network/general to enable it (the module can be
loaded on the fly I suppose, so there would even be no need to reboot).
I could be happy with enabling it by default, too, but with the same
checkbox ready there. Current situation is just  a mess where many users
will try ubuntu from XP and notice that "internet is slow", and if we
are lucky, they will look on the web and find an "evil command line"

IPv6 should be disabled by default

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