[Bug 49390] Re: NO support for Intel GMA900 Integrated VideoController / no 915 video driver

Randy Forston rforston at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 14 00:22:14 UTC 2007

Stemp wrote:
> Randy, thanks for the bug report.
> Could you please provide an update for us on whether or not this is
> still a problem with a fresh install of dapper or edgy? 


Sorry to take so long to respond, I've been out of town on business for a
month (seems like three).

I've now done fresh installs on 4 different motherboards with this chipset
with Edgy and you've done a SPLENDID job!
The installs went quickly and both video and the built-in realtec sound come
right up, with no further tweaking necessary!!

Job VERY well done!!!!!

In fact you've done such a good job, that I can only come up with one

At work systems attached to Multi-Sync monitors require no further
adjustments at all.

However the 4th system has a cheaper 19" LED monitor which only want to see
a refresh rate of 60 or 72 Hertz (It ISN'T a Multi-Sync monitor).

When Ubuntu comes up with a 75 Hertz refresh rate, the GUI shifts left by 1
or 1 & 1/2 inches on the monitor.
This, of course, requires the user to tweak the video settings, if they
aren't using a Multi-Sync monitor.
I'd expect most new users to opt for the cheaper monitor.

So, the ONLY suggestion I can come-up with, would be to make the default
monitor refresh rate 72 Hertz. 
That way it should work fine, (without adjustments), for both Multi-Sync and
non-Multi-Sync monitors.

Thanks, and again, great job! on the video and sound,
rforston at earthlink.net

NO support for Intel GMA900 Integrated Video Controller / no 915 video driver

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