[Bug 88417] Re: Sun X2200M2 Areca 1210 Raid Ubuntu LTS problem

Matthew matthew at quanza.net
Thu Mar 1 10:47:43 UTC 2007


Problem is solved.
There where two things that needs to be taken in account for when installing ubuntu on a Sun fire X2200 M2 with latest firmware & Bios in conjunction with Areca Raid controllers.

1) Don`t use the create raid volume option ( This does background initialization )
    Since it goes into background it should be listed as Bootable add on device in Sun Bios.
    Unfortunally it isn`t, while array does get listed in raid controller bios.
    Instead do the Quick Volume or Raid create option.
    This will only let you choose Forground initialization, can be a slow progress if you got large disks.
 2) Disable framebuffers while loading linux kernel in expert mode.
    It seems there is something going wrong with the framebuffer while booting ubuntu iso`s on in conjunction with the onboard videocard in the Sun fire X2200 M2.
    This causes the video output to be gone after loading syslogd and klogd
    fb=false debian-installer/framebuffer=false

lspci output see attachment.



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Sun X2200M2 Areca 1210 Raid Ubuntu LTS problem

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