[Bug 117588] Re: linux restricted header dependency problem causing X server error

Mathias Kende mathias at kende.fr
Wed Jun 20 11:59:30 UTC 2007

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 84348 ***

No, it's not, or yes, it is similar but not exactly the same :
In my case, I'm just saying that when installing the nvidia driver with the restricted-manager, the dependency of the driver should be the linux-restricted-modules-generic package which always rely on the latest kernel, and not just a kernel specific version as it does.

The Bug #84348 concentrate on the update process, while I think that the
problem comes from the installation of the driver.

But yes, these are the same bugs. I'm not used the launchpad and I don't
know how these details should be managed, but this seems very important
to me, as a normal user should not have to manually select kernel
specific package, or, even worse, to patch the xorg.conf in order to be
able to boot, and this restricted-manager is definitely aimed for
"normal" users.

linux restricted header dependency problem causing X server error
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