[Bug 66820] Re: nobody cares about via interrupt

Jacob Nevins 0jacobnk.ulp at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Jun 5 22:00:23 UTC 2007

Yes, I think so. I've run two long sessions recently (both around 14
hours) with just "nolapic" without problems. I think that the problem
would normally have become evident in that time. I will change the
default to just "nolapic" and see if any problems occur.

"nolapic" is certainly sufficient to change /proc/interrupts from "IO-
APIC-xxx" to "XT-PIC". I've been unable to distinguish it from "noapic

Something else that may (or may not) be relevant: I've just noticed that
the message "BIOS bug, local APIC #0 not detected!..." flashes up during
the boot sequence, at least with "nolapic". This does not happen with
neither "noapic" nor "nolapic". I don't know if it happens with both
enabled; it shows in dmesg but doesn't get as far as /var/log/messages,
and I haven't checked that combination recently. (I suppose this could
just be a poorly-worded message triggered directly by inclusion of
"nolapic"; I haven't checked the source.)

nobody cares about via interrupt
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