[Bug 40119] Re: SPARC boot failed: Illegal Instruction

Stuart Blake Tener teners at bh90210.net
Sun Jul 22 16:38:17 UTC 2007

Ubuntu users:

I am planning on installing Ubuntu 7.04 Server upon a Sun Blade 100 with
256MB of RAM on it and a 20GB HD (it will get expanded in terms of RAM
and HD, once I see this puppy working!).\

I have read a lot about boot up problems, what can I expect?

Anyone know what the latest OBP version is for the SunBlade 100 (or how
to get it and install it)?

Same questions for a Sun Enterprise 450 (E450) as well...

Stuart, N3GWG
(310) 358-0202
teners at bh90210.net

SPARC boot failed: Illegal Instruction
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