[Bug 83068] Re: [BusLogic] scsi drives inaccessible

glenstewart glen_stewart at associate.com
Sat Jul 7 17:56:44 UTC 2007

While my comments about Mandriva and Knoppix working fine with a PCI
Buslogic BT-958 SCSI card, and Ubuntu not, remain true, I can advise on
a <b>workaround</b> to allow installation of (K)Ubuntu on a BT-958
connected SCSI disk...

Follow the instructions at http://www.sourcentral.org/man/ubuntu606/5+sane-scsi which say:
<pre>During boot, when your BusLogic adapter is being initialized, press Ctrl-B to enter your BusLogic adapter setup. Choose the address which your BusLogic containing your scanner is located. Choose ‘‘SCSI Device Configuration’’. Choose ‘‘Scan SCSI Bus’’. Choose whatever SCSI id that contains your scanner and then choose ‘‘View/Modify SCSI configuration’’. Change ‘‘Negotiation’’ to ‘‘async’’ and change ‘‘Disconnect’’ to ‘‘off’’. Press Esc, save, and Esc again until you are asked to reboot.</pre>

Though unlikely to be needed, I also upgraded the BT-958 firmware from
5.06i to 5.06J using the files at

This is a WORKAROUND because a). it's not the factory-recommended
default for performance, and b). other Linux distributions have
exhibited their ability to work fine with the factory defaults.

Kubuntu Feisty is now installed on the system reported, and working

[BusLogic] scsi drives inaccessible
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