[Bug 48266] Re: Ubuntu server kernel will not boot.

DonBurch donald at burch.wattle.id.au
Fri Feb 23 22:51:51 UTC 2007

This really gets my goat!

Obviously I've misunderstood the objective of Ubuntu.  I thought you
were trying to make linux easier to use, and more accessible. I've tried
the desktop version, and it certainly lives up to this promise.

What about older less powerful machines, such as the ones which posters
here are using.  You can run Ubuntu desktop on them, or use them as a
"server" with an old version of Windows --- but for some reason you
can't use it as an Ubuntu server ?!?!

So what is the issue ?  Is it really that the cut-down Ubuntu server
software _requires_ a new top-end computer to run on; or that the
developer in a moment of brain-freeze removed the wrong module, which
provides support for older CPUs ?  The same PC runs the desktop install;
so it must be the latter.

My experience trying to set up a basic LAMP and email server has soured
me on Ubuntu.  Being forced to learn the lunux command line is bad
enough, but the Ubuntu server documentation is incomplete and out-of-
date.  And if I have to use a different distro for the server, then I
should be consistent by swapping to its desktop as well.

If you are so focussed on the Ubuntu desktop that you can't add the
missing module back into the server - then stop diverting your resources
to produce a half-baked server edition.. There is also the legal issue
of your advertising a product which doesn't work.

Ubuntu server kernel will not boot.

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