[Bug 103729] Re: kernel crashes on lvremove

Andy Wettstein ajw at uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 19 14:23:58 UTC 2007

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 12:50:43AM -0000, Leann Ogasawara wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Thanks for the pointer.  Unfortunately I'm still unable to reproduce the
> bug.  I went ahead and ran the script you pointed to which repeatedly
> creates and removes the second snapshot.  At the same time I was
> performing i/o to the logical volume origin.  I let these run for well
> over 30min.  Every once and a while I'd see messages like:
> device-mapper: Error reading/writing snapshot
> device-mapper: snapshot is marked invalid
> However, I never witnessed the bug reported here.  How often do you see
> this?  And are you able to readily reproduce it?  Thanks.

Ok.  I finally had some time to test it.  I was able to reliably crash
the machine by running a mkfs on the logical volume while that script
was running.  Updating to 2.6.15-51.64, I was no longer able to
crash it while the mkfs was running, so I think it is probably fixed.

kernel crashes on lvremove
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