[Bug 32123] Re: initramfs not generated correctly on upgrade to Dapper

Barry Klein blklein at fastmail.fm
Sun Dec 9 01:19:04 UTC 2007

I have found this to occur in Feisty.

I attempted to update the kernel to that in Gutsy - added Gutsy to the repository list.
On rebooting, the boot stops at the point where it tries to mount the hard disc (inferred from symptoms).

After many minutes, I get a prompt from busybox.

When I check /dev, there are no nodes for hard discs (I don't apologise
for the Australian spelling).

If I copy the deb to a debian (etch/lenny) system and install, then copy
the initrd.img to the ubuntu system, it all works. This initrd is larger
than the native ubuntu one.

Looking at the descriptions in this post it seems that the following

Installing a kernel from the next version i.e during an upgrade, creates a faulty initrd.img.
Booting this new system with the old kernel, then re-installing the new kernel creates a good initrd.img.

It seems to me that the 'older' environment is causing a problem with
the initrd creation.

initramfs not generated correctly on upgrade to Dapper
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