[Bug 88530] Re: USB ports: connect-debounce failed, port disabled

Teppo Turtiainen teppot at iki.fi
Mon Dec 3 05:44:35 UTC 2007

> This will be retargeted towards the Hardy kernel once it is released. I've tagged this as "hardy-kernel-candidate" so that
> we make sure to retarget this report once the new release is out. However against the linux-source-2.6.22 package this is
> being marked as "Won't Fix" as it does not meet the criteria for a stable release update. To learn more about the stable
> release update process please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates . Thanks!

That's bullshit. This bug causes wireless connections (both WLAN and
Bluetooth) to not work for effected users. That is very much a "severe
regression" that qualifies for an update according to
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates. Plus there is no point in
wontfixing something until we figure out how it could be fixed.

USB ports: connect-debounce failed, port disabled
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