[Bug 16961] Re: System freezes whilst powernowd stepping up AMD64 freq (intermittent/hoary)

Aaron C. de Bruyn aaron at darkpixel.com
Tue Aug 21 14:54:54 UTC 2007

I also have a similar problem on my server at home.
After testing and beating my head against the wall I stumbled across this bug report.
I have performed similar actions on Dapper, Edgy, and Feisty both x86 and AMD64 platforms.

The box usually crashes during boot.  Occasionally it will let me into a
shell, or start X.  But it usually dies after a few minutes.

DIsabling powernowd (chmod -x /etc/init.d/powernowd) and rebooting fixes
the issue.

I will have to try leaving it enabled and using the "noapic nolapic
acpi=force" kernel options listed above.

Like I mentiond, I tested this on the ubuntu variant (not kubuntu or
edubuntu) under both AMD64 and x86 architectures under versions 6.06
(dapper) 6.10 (edgy) and 7.04 (feisty).

I attempted to test one of the versions of Gutsy, but I ran into a few
bugs that prevented me from knowing if the issue was the same.

I have attached my hardware list, kernel version, and pci list.

** Attachment added: "Hardware List"

System freezes whilst powernowd stepping up AMD64 freq (intermittent/hoary)
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