[Bug 33617] Re: X.org does not initialize screen on IBM T20, T21, T22

FranciscoPadillaGarcía francisco.padilla.garcia at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 05:47:48 UTC 2007

I installed Xubuntu Linux 7.4  (Feisty Fawn) on my teacher's Thinkpad
model T20 2647-84U because it was running to slow with Windows 2000 that
came installed with it by default. My teacher timed it and told me it
would take seven minutes to reach to MS Windows desktop. So, I thought,
there is no way that Windows XP can make things faster and I thought
Xubuntu was a good choice since it was designed to run well on older

After the install process everything worked nicely until I shut it down:
I noticed the system would turn off but the screen would remain on with
the Xubuntu logo. So, I held down the power button to turn it off and I
pushed it again to start it. The Xubuntu logo appeared along with the
progress bar, then the screen went blank as it does when before the
desktop appears, but it didn't. It stayed a blank screen. I became
worried because it's my teacher's Thinkpad and I am trying to get her
into the Linux world. So I committed myself to give her a working Linux

At first I was frustrated and was about to give up. I wasn't getting a
system that "just works" as the Ubuntu website claimed. After I chilled
my frustration a bit, I decided to Google my problem and I found the
site www.thinkwiki.org which deals, precisely. with installing Ubuntu on
a Thinkpad:


That site gave me the solution by just adding the line Option "BusType"
"PCI" to yhr xorg.conf file. I have to thank  Carlos Diener for posting
his comment confirming that adding that line fixes the problem, since we
both have the same Thinkpad.

Thanks to all the people who take the time to write detailed
explanations and, also, thanks to those who by trial and error solved
this problem for everyone.

X.org does not initialize screen on IBM T20, T21, T22
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