[Bug 36014] Re: kernel can't scale cpu frequency

ahaslam anthonyhaslam at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 25 19:30:11 UTC 2007

Please excuse the query, I realise the status has moved to Fix Released.

I've got Feisty X86_64 and cpufreq also doesn't work properly. I have a
Core 2 Duo E6300 over-clocked to 3.15GHz but the recognised freq's are
2.0 & 2.333GHz. It seems to me that it's not reading the fsb correctly
as these figures follow the x6 & x7 multipliers. When at standard clocks
it is the same story but with lower figures.

If this is irrelevant to this bug please let me know where to post &
what information is required.

Thank you.

PS. Couple of questions:
Is it actually setting the displayed frequency's, or is it simply a misreading?
How can scaling be stopped, I've stopped the powernow & acpi services, I've also blacklisted acpi-cpufreq to no effect.

kernel can't scale cpu frequency
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