[Bug 36998] Re: Kernel Won't Boot on an IBM Thinkpad R30

schnirfl jochen.gruse at web.de
Wed Apr 25 19:23:44 UTC 2007


dapper and edgy installed flawlessly with "pci=noapic" on my Thinkpad
R30.  acpi=off is NOT needed, but PCI/IRQ-Routing should be set to
"Automatic" in the BIOS. Even suspend to disk works. The only remaining
problem is suspend to ram (which did not bother me much). There are
ACPI-related errors in the dmesg output. My attempts at fixing the DSDT
only removed some errors with the laptop working (or not re s2ram) as
before, so I dumped my handrolled DSDT.

After having upgraded to feisty, booting & running still works with
pci=noapic, but resume after suspend to disk fails. Last output is the
completion of loading the memory dump from swap space, after that the
screen blanks (backlight goes out) and the laptoip hangs until switched
off. A little debugging shows that all suspend scripts (/etc/acpi-
support/suspend.d/*) are being run, but none of the resume scripts
(/etc/acpi/resume.d). Booting the 2.6.17-11 kernel of edgy restores
suspend to disk functionality, so it's probably a kernel related problem
and not a dying X server.

I'll gladly post more information if needed.


Kernel Won't Boot on an IBM Thinkpad R30
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