[Bug 37288] Re: Bluetooth not discovered on Dell Inspiron 9400

Ketil Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Tue Apr 17 07:45:24 UTC 2007

Oh.  The link to Dell is not the correct file, it should probably be 


instead.  Again, 'unzip R117967.EXE', 'cd 2KXP/DFU', and 'dfutool verify
bt_if.dfu' gives:

  Filesize        710386
  Checksum        544e93f5
  DFU suffix      22 24 03 81 3c 41 00 01 55 46 44 10 f5 93 4e 54 

  idVendor        413c
  idProduct       8103
  bcdDevice       2422

  bcdDFU          1.0
  ucDfuSignature  DFU
  bLength         16
  dwCRC           544e93f5

  Firmware type   CSR-dfu1
  Firmware check  valid checksum

However, 'dfutool upgrade bt_if.dfu' claims:

  Scanning USB busses ... 
  Can't find any DFU devices

Any ideas?


Bluetooth not discovered on Dell Inspiron 9400
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