[Bug 34752] Re: [atmel] breezy->dapper wifi lost: signal power to 0

Eddie eddie.hung at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 21:15:26 UTC 2006

Oops, seems I spoke too soon - I've tried my 3com card on another
accesspoint (D-Link one) and it no longer works, with or without WEP
encryption, I can't seem to associate properly.

However, previously, it worked on a 3com AP. I have a suspicion that
it's something to do with the authentication mode (sudo iwconfig key
open|restricted xxxxxxx). I seem to recall that on my 3com router, I
didn't need to specify open (unfortunately I don't have access to the
3com router anymore) and it still worked, whereas that is not the case
for my D-Link (which I now have access to, and I have tested under edgy
that "open" is required)

Can someone please confirm? Thanks!

[atmel] breezy->dapper wifi lost: signal power to 0

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