[Bug 52553] Re: Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work!

Luke Hoersten luke.hoersten at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 01:05:09 UTC 2006


This seems to be te cause of the “APIC kernel panics”:


(it’s in spanish)

According to the above link, recompiling the kernel to use a timing
frequency of 1000 Hz instead of the 250 Hz solves the “panic” problem.

You can install the “linux-source-2.6.15″ package and follow the
instructions here to build the kernel:


(Note that you have to add a “–initrd” switch in the “make-kpkg” command
to make it generate an “initd.img” and make the kernel boot properly)

The problem is that the restricted modules won`t be installed with this
new kernel, and this includes the “madwifi” driver for the wifi…

So you have to add it.

Marco. "

This is a comment on the site: http://bin-false.org/?p=17

If you search the page for "APIC," many many people are having this
problem? Is there any way we can get the status of this bug updated?

Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work!

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