[Bug 24533] Re: Fail to boot smp kernel

Richard Green rtg at aapsc.com
Tue Sep 19 02:52:13 UTC 2006

I found an old Matrox Millenium PCI video card, and swapped it into this

lspci reports it as:
VGA compatible controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA 2064W [Millennium] (rev 01)

With it, I've been able to boot the 686SMP kernel, and startx with KDE.  It's been running all of ten minutes now, but that's ten minutes more than I ever got with the ATI card(AGP).
  ...so it's looking more and more like this is really a manifestation of the 686/ATI 'random lockup' problem that the fellow at cipherfunk claims to have fixed.  I posted his kernel patch here earlier.  Here is his patch for the xorg driver.

** Attachment added: "Patch for xorg ati driver"

Fail to boot smp kernel

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