[Bug 28647] Re: sbp2 hot plug causes hard crashes

Stefan Richter stefan-r-ubz at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Sun Sep 17 07:45:35 UTC 2006

check if sbp2 was loaded with serialize_io=1. This is loggeded in a file under /var/log/. It should be (and it is the default) as it is currently required for some devices and setups.

Also, check if there are messages from sbp2 about reconnect attempts
during normal I/O. This may be logged in the same or a different
/var/log/ file. You can check in /etc/syslog.conf where
"kern.debug"-level messages go, or just "grep -ir reconnect /var/log".
There should be _no_ reconnect messages except when something was
plugged in or out.

Furthermore, try to find out the type of bridge chip on the FireWire
enclosure's PCB. It may be possible to update the firmware of this chip.
(Firmware uploaders typically run only under Windows, some also under
Mac OS X; there are currently no firmware uploaders to run under Linux.)

sbp2 hot plug causes hard crashes

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