[Bug 38263] Re: freeze at startup

JDahl joachim at kom.aau.dk
Mon Sep 11 21:51:59 UTC 2006

After booting with "acpi_skip_timer_override"  there appears
to be a problem with the CDROM driver at the second stage
(probably caused by some IRQ problems - I also tried booting
with "nodma", but that went even worse).

The CDROM drive makes a sounds like the CDROM media 
might be damaged and the installation halts, so I burned a new imaged and checked the md5sum - and the install CD is fine.

I attached a screendump,  but I doubt it's helpful.

Booting with the "enable_8254_timer" option seems to screw up the CDROM
driver even worse,  and the annoying sound starts already while loading
the ramdisk image.

** Attachment added: "screendump from install"

freeze at startup

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