[Bug 59795] Re: [Bug 59795] Re: Ubiquity crashes 6.06 on Installation

Tristan tristan.anderson at censeoit.com
Mon Sep 11 19:18:34 UTC 2006


Unfortunately I was unable to save the log files as requested, I tried 
installing it again in order to reproduce the bug for a third time.since 
I had forgotten to include them in my original report,  I  started up 
the ubuntu installer and despite the bug occurring twice before, much to 
my disgust/delight  I am unable reproduce the error. I cant understand 
it on all the occasions I performed the same actions but I simply cannot 
reproduce it at all, I have run the installer 7 times now and the bug 
only ever occured the first two. I cant explain it and I feel terrible 
that I may have wasted your time on this. I have unbuntu running now 
(very wobbly with the gnome-mixer applet crashing every 30 seconds) but 
I still cannot reproduce the original bug. (bad disk sector maybe?? 
that's the only  explanation I can think of.)

I have your email address so as the ubiquity maintainer I will mail you 
and submit another bug report if I encounter it again.
You chaps have my utmost respect in what you do, and your time would be 
better spent fire-fighting rather than chasing ghosts in the machine.

I apologise for this, after I encountered it twice I thought I was on to 
a sure problem.

Please close the report as unconfirmed until I can prove it exists with 
log files to the contrary.

Kind Regards

Tristan Anderson


> Well, that message indicates that a directory doesn't exist even though
> it's just been created on the hard disk, so if your hardware is working
> fine on Windows then I can only conclude that this is a kernel bug of
> some kind. Please attach /var/log/syslog so that we have a better chance
> of tracking this down.
> ** Changed in: ubiquity (Ubuntu)
> Sourcepackagename: ubiquity => linux-source-2.6.15
>      Assignee: (unassigned) => Colin Watson

Ubiquity crashes 6.06 on Installation 

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