[Bug 38263] Re: freeze at startup

Ramosis tanertopal at gmx.de
Sat Sep 9 22:50:47 UTC 2006

I have the same problem as some other peopel in this thread. If i am try
to install dapper i get this message:

Uncompressing Linux... Ok, bootin the Kernel.
[17179571.480000].. MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC
[17179571.860000] PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 3 of device 0000:00:00.0 

If i am start with "acpi=off" (or a similar bootoption) i get only the
third message. I've tried lot of other bootoptions but nothing has an
positiv effekt.

My Motherboard: Asus P4RD1 with a *******Ati Xpress 200 onboard graphic

freeze at startup

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