[Bug 35474] Re: Dapper - RT61 with wep key doesn't work

James_pic james.pickering at virgin.net
Sat Sep 2 17:10:05 UTC 2006

I may have found a solution for this problem in dapper. I was having the
same problem, so I downloaded the newest ralink drivers ( As
well as the newest kernel module, they include a driver for wpa
supplicant. Using the newer module, as well as the ralink wpa supplicant
driver, I was able to use WPA. I've attached an archive with the
compiled module, an updated wpasupplicant package with the new driver,
as well as the modified wpa supplicant source, and instructions. I'm not
a programmer, so it's kinda scrappy - most of you could probably do the
same much more tidily - but it seems to work.

Dapper - RT61 with wep key doesn't work

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