[Bug 57502] Re: JMicron PATA/SATA Controller does not work

kaz ubuntu at tvetc.de
Thu Oct 19 22:32:18 UTC 2006

I concur - the problem my actually lie somewhere else. When I disable
both USB keyboard and USB mouse support in the BIOS (which I can do
without problems at the moment, as I use a PS/2 keyboard), my Foxconn
board boots into the installed Ubuntu (efx daily x86 20061017.1), too,
though the error messages remain.

Thus, it may be the case that this is not a JMicron, but rather a USB
problem. Some part of the kernel must be responsible for the hangup with
legacy support enabled. Plus, the kernel on the daily CD itself boots
fine with legacy support enabled, so there must be some difference
between the two.

Thanks godot for reminding me of the legacy support issue - i had tried
that setting with an earlier version of edgy eft to no avail, and had
already forgotten about it.

JMicron PATA/SATA Controller does not work

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