[Bug 52852] Re: MacBook gets extremely hot under Linux

Martijn Vermaat mvermaat at cs.vu.nl
Wed Oct 18 12:57:00 UTC 2006

This is not fixed in current Edgy. There is no temperature information
in /proc and the MacBook slowly gets hotter even when almost idle.

With coretemp.c [1] I can see the temperature of the two cores going up
to about 78 and 79 degrees Celcius and at that point the fan kicks in.
The fan seems to be able to bring back the temperature to about 54
degrees Celcius (but the bottom of the MacBook still feels pretty hot)
and then the process repeats.

The Gnome CPU frequency applet reports 1GHz about 80% of the time, with
the occasional 1.83GHz peaks (this is a 1.83GHz MacBook). This behaviour
seems independent of the temperature.

I guess the cause for all this is that the kernel has no temperature
information available, also reported in bug #56785 .

[1] http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/mactel-

MacBook gets extremely hot under Linux

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