[Bug 46466] Re: Hard crash, "X" in middle of screen, on startup

towsonu2003 towsonu2003 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 04:01:53 UTC 2006

thanks :) I assigned this to linux-source (kernel) of dapper because of
the hard crash, and subscribed the laptop team in the hopes they might
have a clue... if you try out edgy on the same laptop (which would be
great, even with the live cd), please do not forget to add your comments
here about that. the reason I couldn't confirm the bug is because I
couldn't figure out what the cause might be. I don't see a duplicate of
this though.

** Changed in: Ubuntu
Sourcepackagename: None => linux-source-2.6.15
       Status: Needs Info => Unconfirmed

Hard crash, "X" in middle of screen, on startup

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