[Bug 23445] Re: iMac G5 will freeze after booting up

RoadTripDK RoadTripDK at MyRealBox.com
Fri Oct 13 18:02:47 UTC 2006

I got a response from Benjamin already on this issue, with regards to
windfarm and Dapper Flight 3:

On Jan 22, 2006, at 23:02, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

"Oh, ok.. you mean the fans going full speed ? That's a matter of thermal
control not working on the machine. It's the single CPU G5 names
PowerMac9,1 in /proc/device-tree/model right ?

It should indeed work with recent kernels. I got some code in 2.6.15 but
there might still have been unresolved issues. Make sure you load the
windfarm_pm91 module and let us know... If it doesn't work, try an up to
date git snapshot. If still doesn't work, let me know and we'll track
the problem down."

I have been told by some people claiming to be in the know, that the G5
single (PowerMac 9.1) is similar to the iMac internally, just with a G5
exterior, of course. This with which windfarm modules are needed for
which model - is it pinned down? Should I file a separate bug report on
the windfarm_pm91 module and G5 single machines??? Thermal control is
still not working for me with the new Edgy builds.

iMac G5 will freeze after  booting up

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