[Bug 43961] Re: Power down after shutdown does not work...

bierce biercenator at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 01:49:40 UTC 2006

Further to my two previous posts about this, in its current
configuration, my home system *seems* to be cutting the power
reliably, *so* *far*.  Here is a description of some items that might
be relevant:

1. Linux kernel

2. ACPI support enabled in the kernel

3. APM support *not* enabled

4. Using "acpi=force lapic" in the boot line

5. Shutting down with "init 0"

6. In /etc/init.d/halt, removed the "-d" and "-i" options from the halt

I am not yet confident that shutdown is completely reliable,
although it is definitely *more* reliable than previously.  If I have
a definite power-on hang again, I will report back to this thread.

Power down after shutdown does not work...

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