[Bug 31993] Re: Shutdown no longer powers off computer (Dapper laptop)

elias elias at asb-online.at
Tue Oct 10 07:57:39 UTC 2006

I have to confirm the not powering down bug for Edgy!

I get the message 
[SOME.NUMBER] Power Down
but the system does not power down.

My Laptop showed this messages for several hours, since I did shutdown
the machine and left at night without waiting for the laptop to actually
power down. The next day it was still on and showing this message.

Hardware: Vaio VGN-S560P

Breezy did the same, Dapper worked while there was some delay between
the moment it could power down (for example when hibernate did turn of
the HDD) and the actual power down.

** Attachment added: "dmidecode Vaio VGN-S560P"

Shutdown no longer powers off computer (Dapper laptop)

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